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Cloud Computing
Course Description
In this Hands-On extensive course you will gain a solid understanding of the fundamental concepts and architecture of cloud computing and of the design and deployment of a cloud computing platform.

You will learn about the evolution of the cloud and its ability to increase processing power and bandwidth capabilities, and you will learn who's who in cloud computing, the products and services offered, and common platforms and applications.

You will examine the pros and cons of implementing a cloud computing platform, including the financial benefits and the security risks, and you'll learn about cloud computing standards and best practices.
Students Will Learn
Target Audience
IT management, support staff, and consultants, Business managers and analysts, Small and midsized business owners, Specialists (IT, security, infrastructure, services, systems, and test), Business process owners, IT developers, Service providers, System integrators, Architects and anyone interested, responsible and or working with Cloud Computing.
Basic understanding of computers and or networking.
Course Outline

1. Introduction to Cloud Computing




2. Who's Who in Today's Cloud



3. The Business Case for Going to the Cloud



4. The Evolution of Cloud Computing



5. Building Cloud Networks



6. Virtualization



7. Federation, Presence, Security, and Privacy in the Cloud



8. Cloud Computing Standards and Best Practices



9. End-User Access to Cloud Computing



10. Mobility and the Cloud