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CAT -6A (5-6-7) Premise Cabling Installer Certification
Installation, Testing, Pathways, Spaces, Grounding, Bonding & System Documentation
Course Description
BTS recognizes that installers and or contractors often have a difficult time getting certified and getting the Hands-On experience needed to do the job. To many courses are focused toward test and exam questions, rather then the understanding and Hands-On Skill-Set to do the job inline with today's standards and competencies.

Our Certification Course to become an CAT -6A (5 6 7) Certified Technician is designed to get attendees up to speed quickly on industry standards, provide proper installation, knowledge and get Hands-On training that covers the latest standards, tools, including Wire Mapping and techniques used today's cable installations, and give them the ability to represent themselves as "CAT -6A (5 6 7) certified Installer."

BTS's Certification Course to become an BTS Certified Technician, a concise, well-structured course. It is taught by SME certified structured cable specialists with over 25 years of industry experience that includes network installationsupgrades for Telephone Companies, Power Energy Companies, United States Federal State Governments, School Districts, and major U.S. Corporations.

Our SMEs have the field experience to find the answers to real live scenarios, providing students with a Real World Experience.

Attendees each get a Certification Certificate, and I.D. Card


-Maximize system performance and reliability by learning today's installation techniques.

-Be aware of current industry standards, and become a trusted resource for your customer.

-Gain customer confidence by ensuring the integrity of their installations.

-Hold a Certification Installer Card that represents your Certification.

-BTS Certificate and I.D. card remains on electronic record and can be confirmed and reissued at any time.

-This Certification is Nationally and Internationally Recognized.

NOTE At the end of this course all attendees will be taking a written exam and a Hands-On Skills exam to complete their certification.
Students Will Learn
Target Audience
Installation technicians and supervisors of data networks, Test engineers who will be required to perform characterization or acceptance testing of structured cabling networks, Maintenance staff who will be required to perform routine maintenance or emergency fault finding and repair and anyone working with CAT -6A (5-6-7) cabling.
Not required but suggested, a basic understanding of Telecommunications, which can be obtained in our course(s)
-Hands-on Telephony Today for TeleCom Technicians
Course Outline

Module I.    Project Planning

a.    Network Overview
b.    Building Structures
c.    Tools
d.    Cable
e.    Termination Hardware
f.     Test Equipment
g.    Liability
h.    Safety

Module II.    Cable Installation

a.    Codes and Standards
b.    Pulling Cables
c.    Supporting Cables
d.    Cable Obstacles
e.    Firestopping
f.     Cable Documentation
g.    Pathways
h.    Wire Mapping
I.     Special Tools

Module III.    Cable Terminating

a.    Pair Twist Limits
b.    Bend Radius
c.    Connector Types
d.    Cable Management
e.    Quality Workmanship
f.     Termination Lab

Module IV.    Testing

a.    Testing Specifications
b.    Test Types
c.    Testing Lab


NOTE: At the end of this course all attendees will be taking a written exam and a Hands-On Skills exam to complete their certification.

Module V.    Fiber Optics Overview (If required)

Module V.    COAX/CATV  Overview (If required)

NOTE At the end of this course all attendees will be taking a written exam and a Hands-On Skills exam to complete their certification.
Delivery Method
Instructor-led with numerous Hands-On labs and exercises.
Equipment Requirements
(This apply's to our hands-on courses only)
List of Equipment
- Tools crimper, punch down, wire stripper
- Part splicescrimp connectors, RJ4845 (solid stranded versions)
- Cable Cat 5E 6A cable- test equipment CAT567 Testers, DMM, TDR, optical light sourcepower meter (as applicable per customer needs)

This course focuses on Catalog -6A (5-6-7), but we can also tailor the course to cover coax, fiber, general splicing for any wire types, etc. In short, whatever media types and parts that your company normally uses, we would want to have those materials available for class.

BTS always provides equipment to have a very successful Hands-On course. BTS also encourages all attendees to bring their own equipment to the course. This will provide attendees the opportunity to incorporate their own gear into the labs and gain valuable training using their specific equipment.

Course Length
2 Days

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