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Excavation, Trenching and Shoring
Safety Course
Course Description
This Hands-On course covers excavation, trenching, shoring. These topics are among the most hazardous construction operations in the industry today. Employeescontractors who work in or around trenches or excavations must be adequately trained in the requirements of the OSHA Excavation Standard, 29 CFR 1926 (Subpart P).

This course provides attendees with Hands-On practical experience by performing fieldsite training on actual equipment and materials during this course.
Students Will Learn
Target Audience
Anyone who is working around and or with Evacuations, Trenching and Shoring.
Course Outline

To be tailored to customer specific equipment, needs and requirements.

Delivery Method
Instructor-Led with numerous Hands-On Labs and Field Exercises.
Equipment Requirements
(This apply's to our hands-on courses only)
BTS always provides equipment to have a very successful Hands-On course. BTS also encourages all attendees to bring their own equipment to the course. This will provide attendees the opportunity to incorporate their own gear into the labs and gain valuable training using their specific equipment.
Course Length
1 Day

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