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Hands-On Fall Protection and Ladder Safety
Safey Course
Course Description
This Hands-On course provides in-depth practical training for both ladder safety and fall protection on conventional and unconventional applications and is based on the latest OSHA and ASME standards and requirements.

When work is performed on elevated surfaces or during construction and service activities, protection on ladders and against falls must be considered.

EmployersContractors are required to have and or provide a training course for each employee who might be working with or on ladders and exposed to fall hazards. The course must provide each person to recognize the risks and hazards of using ladders and their working environment to provide solutions to minimize these risks and hazards.

This course is a practical all Hands-On course. This training not only protects the individual but it also provides protection for the company and or contractor(s) from accidents, accidental injuries, deaths and litigation and liabilities.

Ladder Safety Application Exercises (Case Studies, Exam, Hands-Field Labs)
Students Will Learn
Target Audience
Anyone that is working in or around elevated surfaces in a workplace and or any contracted area.
Course Outline

Module I:      Safety and Hazard Recognition


Module II:     Fall Protection OSHA Standards and Definitions.


Module III:    Ladders Usage


Module IV:    Hands-On Field Labs and Exam

Attendees need to bring the following tot he class (to become familiar with their specific equipment)
-Steel Toe Boots
-Hard Hat
-Body BeltBody Harness
-Any specific Fall Protection devices.
Delivery Method
Instructor-Led with numerous Hands-On Labs and Field Exercises.
Equipment Requirements
(This apply's to our hands-on courses only)
BTS always provides equipment to have a very successful Hands-On course. BTS also encourages all attendees to bring their own equipment to the course. This will provide attendees the opportunity to incorporate their own gear into the labs and gain valuable training using their specific equipment.
Course Length
1 Day

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