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Management and Supervision for Telecommunications Today
Course Description
Exploring and developing the necessary skills and techniques required to become a highly effective supervisormanager in the telecommunications industry today.

The course is taught by our BTS Instructional staff, which has over 27 years of Telecommunications Management experience. We bring a very practical Hands-On approach with Real-World Experience to this interactive 1-day training course.

Finally a course that is not just a motivational speaker, but someone who has been in my shoes and knows exactly what my day-to-day challenges are!
Students Will Learn
Target Audience
Managers at any level, Presidents, Vice Presidents, Directors, Team Leaders, Supervisors, and anyone responsible for the managementsupervision of people.
Course Outline

Module  I:        Assuring YOUR Foundation is Solid to Build Upon

A.    You will learn how to be an effective supervisor rather than a friend, fellow worker or lead telephone technician.

B.    You will discover how to build and maintain your self-esteem; how to get up and stay up, even when people and circumstances try to knock you down.

C.    Learn how to become a champion at setting smart goals to achieve great results, guaranteed.

D.    Take control of your day with effective time management skills and set priorities to get the right things done first.

E.    You will learn project management skills that every manager needs.

F.    You will study and understand your personality style; especially the way you think, feel and communicate with others.

Module II:        Building Success with Others.

A.    Learn to communicate with people that have different personality styles.

B.    Learn how to be a great communicator by using the 4 basic communication keys.

C.    Champion assertive communication skills that build trust and gain respect.

D.    Begin to write e-mail messages that get the point across clearly and precisely.

E.    Learn to manage phone calls and conference calls in less time and with more information.

F.    Use proven methods to build self-esteem in others to maximize personal growth and productivity.

G.    Learn how to effectively motivate your team to maximize performance and results.

H.    You will be able to give worthwhile praise and effectively reward employees.

I.    Learn how to complete personal appraisals that provide lasting positive results.

J.    Discover a step-by-step process to resolve conflicts that will lead to less stress and greater job satisfaction for the entire work group.

K.    Learn how to effectively manage remotely located employees/mangers to maximize productivity and insure that goals and objectives are set and met.

L.    Find out how to delegate responsibilities and tasks that promote growth in employees/mangers and you.

M.    Learn the skills of working with your boss to maximize communications and achieve company/department goals and objectives.

Delivery Method
Instructor led with numerous Hands-On exercises.
Equipment Requirements
(This apply's to our hands-on courses only)
BTS always provides equipment to have a very successful Hands-On course. BTS also encourages all attendees to bring their own equipment to the course. This will provide attendees the opportunity to incorporate their own gear into the labs and gain valuable training using their specific equipment.
Course Length
1 Day

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