Client Feedback

Since this COVID Pandemic onsite training has been difficult, BTS converted several of their courses to their Virtual Platform. Amazing, the training has been absolutely terrific.
I have taken several BTS courses and all the training has been fantastic, I highly recommend BTS!
CN Railway
Great Trainer, definitely and Expert with a very good attitude, not to common, I really learned a lot.
Southern California Edison (SCE)
Great class and I really enjoyed it. The instructor was very knowledgeable. The hands-on labs were extremly helpful.
I would absolutely recommend this training! Pass on our collective thanks to the Instructor for his insights, practical approach to the subject at hand, and ability to effectively reach our targeted audience. Ive heard nothing but kudos on this course from my engineers and technicians.
United States Air Force
The name of this course says it all HANDS ON! This was the most beneficial training I have ever experienced! Awesome course.
Windstream Communications
I learned a lot from this course, it was presented in a very organized and learnable fashion, great Instructor!
Hughes Network Systems
I was successful in obtaining that Video Engineering position that I applied for. I don't feel that I would have been able to acquire that position if it hadn't been for the knowledge and information that you provided during your IPTV courses.
This class was excellent, very informative and one of the best instructors I have experienced.
Frontier Communications
Amazing course, especially with the hands on portion, I'm much more confident in our companies arriving T1 customers
COX Communications
Exceeded my expectations. The whole course ran smoothly and very well organized. This was the best course Ive ever had in any telephony training.
TDS Telecom
Course was well organized, exceeded all expectations and the Instructor was excellent.
US Army
The amount of equipment brought in for the labs was amazing and to train with all this equipment was really helpful.
Instructor was a subject matter expert, very responsive to questions, knows practical applications, products and test equipment.
Lockheed Martin
Very knowledgeable, great trade knowledge to engage the class and hands on with current technologies.
Federal Bureau of Prisons
Instructor knew his material and was able to pass his knowledge to others.
Wells Fargo Bank
The training was exactly what we needed for our Techs. The course materials were fantastic and the Instructor knew his stuff!
Bell Canada
This class was excellent, very informative and one of the best instructors I have experienced.
FAA (Federal Aviation Administration)
The T1-T3 class was a very good course. The way the instructor set up the hands on training really let you get the feel for testing. I would highly recommend this course...
University of Texas
Instructor is very knowledgeable and has a very clear way of presenting course was very interactive and useful in practical field work.
Hands on application was great, enjoyable learning experience.
Having very little experience I gained the understanding of how a circuit is made up, broke up and how to effectively troubleshoot it. I highly recommend this course.
Bahama Telecommunications Company
Having taken a poll of my Technicians, their opinions have matched my own that this course was excellent and we learned much more than expected.
New York University
This has been the best Switch training I have ever had in 18 years. I learned some things that I didn't know. I also got some short cuts on how to work on my Switch. The hand-on training was a very important part on this course. It shows how to break down and isolate and fix problems!
The trainer is great and our team was honored to have him and learn as much as we did in such a short period of time.
Great Instructor and the amount of equipment provided for exercises was impressive.
We had employees in the class that range from 10 to 25 years in the business and they all came away from the course with valuable information. We look forward to not only hosting more courses in the future, but attending in other areas.
Steelville Telephone Exchange, Inc.
The hands on part of this training was great!
Excellent course, great instruction and hands on with equipment and labs.
USMC 29 Palms
Instructor had a ton of knowledge and field experience, I learned much more than I anticipated. Great class.
USMC Camp Pendleton
This was the best training that we have put our techs through, we plan on having all of our techs go through it.
It was nice to have equipment there in class to perform and see results of the testing labs.
ENMR Plateau
This training will prove to be worth 10 times what we paid for it. This is one of the best instructors I have attend a class under, and I have attend many since I am a BS EE, and 64 years old. Our men definitely are more confident in using our test equipment to measure the power influence, noise, and analyzing what is causing the problem.
Loretto Telephone
Awesome training! Great Material covered, presentation, instructor, after 5 different training courses finally found what I have been looking for to send all my techs to be training!
Great course! The knowledge and experience of the Instructor was amazing!
Instructor was a subject matter expert for sure. This course gave me insights I didn't have and the hands on labs drove it home.
DFW Airport
Instructor was very knowledgeable and showed us multiple ways to splice and terminate high voltage cables
I was shocked at the amount of equipment we were able to use in the labs, what a difference alarms and error mean.
Great Plains Communications
Instructor was very knowledgeable about the subject, and he kept it interesting, He also did a great job of meeting the students at their levels of knowledge.
Farmers Telephone
Training was extremely useful, I learned things I can actually use in the field.
Fairpoint Communications
Great Class, Instructor's knowledge and life experiences really helped me understand the subject matter, I feel much more comfortable in my position now.
Terrific course! Instructor was extremely knowledgeable and new the course inside and out. Hands-On exercises were incredible.
FPL (Flordia Power & Light)
It was a very enjoyable class. The instructor was knowledgeable. I feel very confident in being able to splice fiber competently.
Ponderosa Telephone
Instructor is very knowledgeable about the test equipment and outside plant. Our techs told me that it was the best training course that they have had. I highly recommend this training, I wish we had this course several years ago.
Direct Communications
Instructor was very personable, and easy to understand, while at the same time, completely knowledgeable if an advanced question was asked.
It was nice to have equipment there in class to perform and see results of the testing labs.
The T1-T3 Hot Training was an excellent course. The hands on went very well with the material presented, the lab set-up was unbelievable, that the instructor could have that much equipment and a very good selection of meters was great. It was good to have technology training instead of having just training on a certain piece of equipment. I would recommend it to anyone.
MCI WorldCom
The hands on lab and instructors knowledge about the different products was fantastic. The class manual was detailed and the instructor went at a pace for everyone to understand the material.
MidAmerican Energy
Instructor was very knowledgeable. Gave real world instances on how things worked. Great equipment and labs!
Nuvox Communications
I have attended numerous industry training programs since 1982 and this was the best instructor I have had. Her subject knowledge and delivery was outstanding. She challenged each one of us through out the two days with class interaction, all consistently felt a part of the class. Subjects and schedules change but the instructor and your materials I feel is what you pay for. We got more than our monies worth with BTS.
Scientific Atlanta
Just wanted to share a few comments about the T1/T3 training I attended in Phoenix on Dec 3-4. I felt that it was one of the best classes I've been able to attend. The instructor was top notch in his knowledge base and teaching abilities. Having the lab setup made the information most applicable and gave me the feeling of being at the office and in the field during the troubleshooting exercises. The smaller class size made it easier to interact with the instructor. The accommodations were totally adequate. Please keep up the great work and I look forward to attending future classes. Network Technician.
Citizens Telephone
Hands on labs were great! Instructor had outstanding knowledge and stayed focused.
Instructor was extremely knowledgeable and was able to gear the training relevant to our applications!
US Cellular
This class was very informative, I learned a lot from wiring the labs, the instructor knew their stuff, and came down to our level to explain things to us. I liked all the labs the best. Yes, I would recommend this class to anyone who really wants to learn.
QWEST Communications
Terrific class, a real Outside plant focused class with practical labs, would highly recommend this course.


Outside Plant
Pole Climbing Pole Climbing
OSHA Confined Space OSHA Confined Space
OSP Bonds & Grounds OSP Bonds & Grounds
Noise Mitigation Noise Mitigation
Copper Splicing Copper Splicing
Adv. OSP Tester, Fault Loc... Adv. OSP Tester, Fault Loc...
T1 & T3 T1 & T3
T1 Spans & HDSL T1 Spans & HDSL
Adv. OSP/DSL Field Adv. OSP/DSL Field
Special Circuits Special Circuits
IPTV Intallers IPTV Intallers
Fiber Optics -ER Fiber Optics -ER
CO Bonds & Grounds CO Bonds & Grounds
Utility Locating Utility Locating
Fiber Optics-Industry Apps Fiber Optics-Industry Apps
IPTV for Telecos IPTV for Telecos
Cat 6A Cert Cat 6A Cert
Air Pressure Air Pressure
Air Dryer Air Dryer
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Central Office
CO Bonds & Grounds CO Bonds & Grounds
CO Power CO Power
Frame Relay Frame Relay
Internetworking ATM Internetworking ATM
DWDM/Routing DWDM/Routing
DMS100 DMS100
MetroE Field-Tech MetroE Field-Tech
T1 & T3 T1 & T3
T1T3 for CATV T1T3 for CATV
Special Circuits Special Circuits
CS 1500 Centrex CS 1500 Centrex
VoIP/Data-Voice VoIP/Data-Voice
Nortel/Norstar CallPilot Nortel/Norstar CallPilot
Nortel BCM50 Nortel BCM50
Metro Eternet Metro Eternet
Digital TV Crossover Digital TV Crossover
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Fiber Optics
Und. Fiber Und. Fiber
Hands-On FTTH Hands-On FTTH
Fiber Management Fiber Management
Fiber WAN/Storage Fiber WAN/Storage
Fiber Adv. Testing Fiber Adv. Testing
Fiber Optics Adv. Splicing Fiber Optics Adv. Splicing
Fiber Optic - ISP/LANs Fiber Optic - ISP/LANs
Fiber Optics -ER Fiber Optics -ER
Adv Fiber Optics Adv Fiber Optics
Fiber Optics-Industry Apps Fiber Optics-Industry Apps
Essential Fiber Essential Fiber
A+ Cert A+ Cert
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Internetworking Essentials Internetworking Essentials
Adv. Internetworking Adv. Internetworking
A+ Cert A+ Cert
Gigabit Networks Gigabit Networks
Bridges, Routers & Switches Bridges, Routers & Switches
Network Management Network Management
Advanced Networking Advanced Networking
Cisco Simplified Cisco Simplified
Metro Eternet Metro Eternet
CS 1500 Centrex CS 1500 Centrex
Digital TV Crossover Digital TV Crossover
LTE-In Depth LTE-In Depth
LTE Core LTE Core
LTE Air Interface LTE Air Interface
LTE and 4G LTE and 4G
LTE Charging Mgmt and Apps LTE Charging Mgmt and Apps
Mobile Detection Mobile Detection
Carrier Wireless Carrier Wireless
VoIP/Data-Voice VoIP/Data-Voice
VMware View VMware View
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Energy / Power / Safety
OSHA Confined Space OSHA Confined Space
Ladder Safety and Fall Protect Ladder Safety and Fall Protect
Mine Safety Mine Safety
Voltage Cable Splicing Voltage Cable Splicing
Elec Transformer Elec Transformer
Power Quality Power Quality
Substation Testing Substation Testing
Elec Testing Elec Testing
Utility Locating Utility Locating
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Certification Courses
A+ Cert A+ Cert
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Additional Courses
TeleCom Mgmt TeleCom Mgmt
TeleCom Tech TeleCom Tech
Emerging Tech Emerging Tech
Understanding IPTV Understanding IPTV
IPTV for Telecos IPTV for Telecos
TelCom Network Testing TelCom Network Testing
TeleCom 1 TeleCom 1
TeleCom 2 TeleCom 2
Nortel CS1000 Nortel CS1000
Nortel/Norstar CallPilot Nortel/Norstar CallPilot
Metro Eternet Metro Eternet
CallPilot User/Sys Admin CallPilot User/Sys Admin
CallPilot Basic Admin CallPilot Basic Admin
CS1000 End User CS1000 End User
CS1000 & TM CS1000 & TM
Nortel/Norstar MICS Nortel/Norstar MICS
Nortel CallPilot Nortel CallPilot
IPTV Intallers IPTV Intallers
Fiber Optics-Industry Apps Fiber Optics-Industry Apps
CS 1500 Centrex CS 1500 Centrex
Digital TV Crossover Digital TV Crossover
LTE-In Depth LTE-In Depth
LTE Core LTE Core
LTE Air Interface LTE Air Interface
LTE and 4G LTE and 4G
LTE Charging Mgmt and Apps LTE Charging Mgmt and Apps
Mobile Detection Mobile Detection
VMware View VMware View
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